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  • Sustainable growth and development of agricultural producers in Mindanao Region.
  • Development of every person's aspect of each individual in the company.
  • Fulfillment of stakeholder's dedication to help the farmers of Mindanao.
  • Fulfillment of Customer's needs.
Southern Philippine Fresh Fruits Corporation is in continuing pursuit of:

Southern Philippine Fresh Fruits Corporation promotes and nurtures service excellence and sustainable environment for its customers, its people and its stakeholders.

It is responsive to the challenges and needs of the farmers today, particularly in Southern Philippines, through its work of the educational formation and technical assistance to mango growers.Providing opportunities for growth and development of each individual in the company, help them discover their potential and purpose through empowerment.

Adhering the dedication of stakeholders through continuing service, uplifting their standard of living and status of the agricultural producers in Mindanao.

Fulfilling our customers needs through continuous development of system and products. The company understands that people and systems in the organization must be constantly tuned to customer needs and to management's evolving concept of service excellence.

In most concrete terms, Southern Philippine Fresh Fruits Corporation seeks to pursue the identified key goals and address priority concerns.

Security and Exchange Commission Reg. No.: S200509034 Date of Registration: June 13, 2005

Department of Trade and Industry Reg. No.: 00227004 Date of Registration: Sept. 12, 2005

Board Of Investment Reg. No. : XI-2007-005 Date of Registration: January 2007

Invest Davao Reg. No. 006-002 Date of Registration: March 31, 2006

Serving Sustainable Environment
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